Sustainable Natural Micro-Farming

Author: fawuddfarms_zc2yl4

  • A Cabbage Crop

    We have begun to enjoy some cabbage from the small crop planted in the spring. With just natural growth, they are small but flavorful. Next crop we need to intersperse with something to reduce the natural pests.

  • Malabar Spinach

    Announcing the arrival of the Malabar variety of spinach to our Fawudd Farms greenhouse! This unique and versatile plant brings a fresh burst of flavor and nutrition to the farm. With its vibrant green leaves and succulent texture, Malabar spinach is a delightful addition to any dish. Known for its high levels of vitamins and…

  • Passion Positioning

    Unfortunately, the passion fruit trees got way too large, and had interwoven themselves in the shade knitting, and had begun to work their way in between the roof panels. Not good. They needed to be relocated to their originally intended destination along the front wall. In doing so, we needed to harvest the passion fruit…

  • Navy Beans

    As an experiment, we planted some Navy beams to see how they would develop in the greenhouse. They did not appear to flourish, but they did manage to use the Trellis and to produce a small crop.

  • We Need Rain!

    The Caribbean is known for its lush rainforests and idyllic beaches, but the region is also susceptible to droughts. And we are in the midst of one right now. These dry periods can have a significant impact on the islands’ water resources, agriculture, and tourism industries.While the northern Caribbean recently received heavy rainfall, other parts…

  • Meet Mr Melon

    This melon grew on the ground in the greenhouse, as the vine escaped the confines of the raised bed. Nor a perfect specimen, but large and round and sweet.

  • Instant Okra

    The Okra plants sprang up in record time and began producing nice big Okra….

  • Passion Fruit Progress

    Although the tree itself was looking healthy and vigorous, there was little evidence of fruit in the beginning. However this is changing rapidly and we have some nice healthy fruit on the way

  • Pollinators at Work

    Beneath the swaying fronds of palm trees, a silent dance unfolds. Tiny bees, nature’s tireless pollinators, flit between feathery blossoms, their fuzzy bodies dusted with golden pollen. This intricate partnership is essential for both: the bees collect nectar for their colonies, while the palms rely on the bees to transfer pollen, ensuring the next generation…

  • Solitary Saffron

    Quite a while ago, I planted some ginger and some turmeric (saffron) at the same time. I got loads of ginger but no turmeric. Oh well… Then, suddenly, this nice lone turmeric shoot popped up righ/ where they were planted. This is about a year later. Glad to see it, and looking out for others.