Sustainable Natural Micro-Farming

Internal Structure

With the external structure in better shape, attention could be turned to the internal components. This was relatively simple in that it consisted of a sink section to bring in running water, and planting beds. The concept was to allow for planting beds and aisles wide enough for a wheel barrow. This resulted in three beds that were between 12 and 14 feet in length. Everything was constructed from materials saved from demolition or construction. Scraps of wood, the old double sink found onsite, and bits of plastic sheeting in a few spots. Since the external structure was far from a perfect rectangle, the internal components just roughly followed the outline. There was no attempt to create beds of a uniform size. Nature doesn’t work that way either.

In many areas, the walls were too soft to hold tapcons or even concrete nails, so I got creative in order to make structures which would not bow. The floor worked for anchor points in the first two beds (partially). In others there is just a structural “U” which will probably need bracing over time. Boards used for concrete forms were scraped to get back to wood, and steel rebar was used in places to support the corners.

The sink area was just formed from the back corner. The eventual intent is to bring water from the rain barrels in via a small pump, and to route the drainage back out and into the drain we just created/fortified right outside this rear corner (see drainage post).

The beds are roughly 24″ in height, and a few new pieces of 1×12 were needed to avoid a really time-consuming mosaic. The floor dictated that the beds were not perfctly level. Again, no concerns for this purpose as they will each be filled to a level height. All in all, a real mixture of bits and pieces with no exacting carpentry in sight !

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